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Hello everybody am Xaldin Wolfgang also known as themagicianmaster100 known as the Master Of Spellcasters

OH Boy this list is going to be difficult the reason why is, is because I hate all of these episodes I remember when SpongeBob use to be a good show once pone a time but then they started writing bad episode after bad episode and am here too count down my Top 10 HATED EPISODES of SpongeBob before I do this list am actually going to add a couple rules there are only going to be ONLY 3 Squidward torture episodes only the reason why is because I don't want most of the Squidward torture episodes taking up most of the list and no SpongeBob specials anyway so with out any further delays let's get started with

Number 10 The Splinter by XaldinWolfgang The Splinter: This episode as it's name SpongeBob get's a Splinter and the writers tries so hard to make it painful and cringing as possible not only that but gross as possible and we get too see every detail.

Number 9 Karate Star by XaldinWolfgang Karate Star: To quote MrEnter you thought that Patrick was destructive enough how about teaching the fat bastard karate in this episode Patrick learns karate from SpongeBob which I've always wonder what that would be like if Patrick learned karate I now can see why he doesn't do karate well I should be carefully for what I wish for when Patrick learns that he can do an amazing chop he ends up destroying almost everything in Bikinibottom and I would have forgive this episode if it was not for the ending where Patrick terrors his arm off and that arm grows into a new Patrick and that version of Patrick chops things. Yes I know that when you cut or terror a part of a starfish it will grow into a new starfish but however we never see that other Patrick ever again.

Number 8 Demolition Doofus by XaldinWolfgang Demolition Doofus: Now where getting too the real shit in this episode we see Mrs. Puff almost try too KILL SpongeBob yes I know a lot of people would love to see that and they probably would have done the same in real life cause how much hate that SpongeBob gets. However this is a kid show but I digress back too talking about this episode and as I said Mrs. Puff wanted to kill SpongeBob the reason why is it because SpongeBob crippled her for LIFE and SpongeBob is oblivious about it and makes a joke about it and for those who say SpongeBob is stupide THAT'S NO EXCUSE for making that joke about someone after you damaged there body for LIFE and Mrs. Puff send SpongeBob too a demolition derby too make sure he gets KILLED oh and the writers they don't hide it they even put a tombstone just too make sure you got that right after SpongeBob ends up winning cause well SpongeBob logic Mrs. Puff decides too try to end his life her self and fricken even evil laughs about it. HOLY SHIT WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE.

Number 7 Boating Buddies by XaldinWolfgang Boating Buddies: This episode is UNCONTRIVABLE this shows how fucking upsets, and CREEPY SpongeBob is towards Squidward and this episode mistreats Squidward FOR NO REASON he didn't do anything but sitting and breathing and also trying too get away from SpongeBob. Now I know that Squidward kind of brought this a pone him self when he ran threw a stop sign but however this still doesn't mean the episode should mistreat Squidward and Mrs. Puff knows how bad of a driver SpongeBob is and tells Squidward that he has too join both her and SpongeBob during his driving test why I DON'T FUCKING KNOW? Not only that but we never see another student be part of this the only reason why is, is because they wanted to torture Squidward because of course.

Number 6 Cephalopod Lodge by XaldinWolfgang Cephalopod Lodge: Another Squidward torture episode that might appear on a lot of people Top list in this episode Squidward gets punish all because he was happy am not joking all because he was happy there was no build up for why SpongeBob and of course Patrick to stalk Squidward they follow him too a pyramid that is a Lodge for Cephalopods after when SpongeBob and Patrick witness there induction of there newest member and Squidward accidently revels that he knows them he get's kicked out and threw out the episode they you guested it he gets humiliated and tortured Squidward threw out the episode and when SpongeBob and Patrick plan on helping Squidward get back into the Lodge works they reveled them selves AGAIN and of course get Squidward kicked out AGAIN make that and the ending TOTALLY POINTLESS.

Number 5 Stuck in the Wringer by XaldinWolfgang Stuck in the Wringer: I REALLY HATE THIS EPISODE you all wanted a SpongeBob torture episode be careful what you wish for you might get it. In this episode SpongeBob literally get's stuck in his wringer even though he is underwater and he uses it too dry him self which I keep wondering how can you have water underwater? And threw out the entire episode SpongeBob get's tortured because of his so called best friend Patrick even though this is all his fault why SpongeBob got stuck in his wringer and even puts glue on him too make sure that he gets stuck forever and when SpongeBob stands up too Patrick SpongeBob is scaled and people call him the bad guy because he stands up to the one who causes all of his problems and in the end they cry and the tears end up getting SpongeBob out of his wringer EVEN THOUGH THERE UNDERWATER!!!!

Number 4 Good Neighbors by XaldinWolfgang Good Neighbors: The episode where it started it all where SpongeBob became really stupid and where Squidward always get's tortured. And that what makes the episode so bad where SpongeBob and Patrick where complete morons in this episode yes I know SpongeBob is not the smartest charter back then but he was not this stupid as the way they mistreat Squidward in this episode all because he was enjoying his day off from work and in the end Squidward has to do community services for the rest of his life even though he didn't do anything wrong.

Number 3 A Pal for Gary by XaldinWolfgang A Pal For Gary: Well knew this was coming we all talk about this episode as well and how bad it is did I say bad I should say TERRIBLE in this episode SpongeBob decides to get a as the episode name is a pal for Gary but however the new pet named puffy fluffy sounds like a name of one of Fluffle… relatives if she even has a relative with that name anyway now what makes this episode so terrible is that it's a Gary torture episode and SpongeBob threw out the entire episode is OBLIVIOUS even when puffy fluffy turns into a giant monster and almost kills SpongeBob and Gary and after when Gary saves SpongeBob, SpongeBob ends up getting made at Gary and Mr. Krabs gives him a job even though that would be unsanitary.

Number 2 Yours, Mine and Mine by XaldinWolfgang Yours, Mine and Mine: HOLY SHIT DO I REALLY HATE THIS EPISODE I MEAN HOW IN THE FLYING FUCK COULD YOU HAVE BOTCHED UP A MORAL AS IN SHARING!!!!!!!!??? Wow this episode is just really, really, really TERRABLE episode it's basically about Patrick being as unlikable as fucking possible not only that but show how completely selfish he is where he takes SpongeBob money to order a meal and calls it sharing and of course eating all of the meal even though SpongeBob asked him too save some after that Patrick is mad cause there's not a toy inside and Mr. Krabs ends up make one from someone else meal and SpongeBob pays for it and Patrick ends up taking it from SpongeBob and says it's sharing and threw out the entirety of the episode Patrick hogs the so called "toy" and prevents SpongeBob from playing with it and when SpongeBob finally ends up making Patrick give up the toy Patrick throws a tantrum and says "It's not fair!" OH OK YOU KNOW WHAT THE WRITERS OBVIOUSLY DID THIS ON PURPOSE JUST TO GET OUR REACTION after a little chase moment Patrick ends up eating the toy saying "If I can't have it no one can!" and Mr. Krabs ends up making new toys each for Patrick and SpongeBob even though that Patrick doesn't deserver one and Patrick takes SpongeBob money claiming it's on him and says too SpongeBob another infamous moment "Have you learn nothing about sharing." ALL I CAN SAY IS FUCK THIS EPISODE AND FUCK PATRICK STAR.    

Now before I get to my Number 1 let me do a few dishonorable mentions

Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom by XaldinWolfgang

Restraining SpongeBob by XaldinWolfgang

Pet Sitter Pat by XaldinWolfgang

Number 1 One Coarse Meal by XaldinWolfgang One Coarse Meal: This is one of the worst episodes of SpongeBob ever this episode makes you wonder what in the hell is going threw the minds of the writers who wrote this episode. In this episode Mr. Krabs finds out that Plankton is scared of whales because he heard they eat plankton but the other problem is, is that yes whales do eat plankton but they also eat crabs as well after Mr. Krabs finds this out he decides to dress up as his daughter and stalk, harass, and scare Plankton too committing SUICIDE by trying to get him self run over by a bus and SpongeBob doesn't try to talk Plankton out of committing suicide and Krabs LAUGHS AT THIS and what does Plankton do again tries to steal Mr. Krabs recipe for his food ok now before anyone brings up the movie that was just the movie and so far the show and the movie are not cannon so aside from the movie what else has Plankton do again being a petty thief. And yet the episode tries to make Plankton look like the bad guy even though that Mr. Krabs has done WORSE let's go down the list shall we?

Let's see Mr. Krabs

Forces workers too work overtime and doesn't pay them for it
Pays his employees little money and am wondering how both Squidward and SpongeBob are paying there mortgage?
Enslave animals for the sake of his own greed
Threatens too fire SpongeBob if he doesn't do what he says
Bills them all because as he says quote "goofing off" and for breathing
fires his best employee all for the sake of a nickel
and the worst of them all as this episode states drives someone to suicide which that is MURDER!!!!!


So that was my Top 10 worst SpongeBob episodes I hope you all enjoyed and maybe in the near future I might do a Top 10 Best SpongeBob episodes and thank you all for reading.      







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PokemonSpecialVGCP Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Student Artist
My least favorite is A Pal For Gary. Though, I didn't think The Splinter was that bad. It was bad, but not that bad. 2 gross-out jokes lasting for 7 minutes, another 3 ending the episode. I still hate it, though, but not as much as everyone else.
SionShow Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My least favorite episode is SpongeHenge..
weegeeslayer101 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Student General Artist
My least favorite episode is "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful".
XaldinWolfgang Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017
I can see why.
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