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Hello everybody am Xaldin Wolfgang also known as themagicianmaster100 known as The Master Of All Spellcasters.

Well time for me too do my final Top List of MLP Seasons well maybe not my last Top Season List just for right now am not going to do a Top List for Season 6 cause I already did a Top and Bottom 5 of Season 6:Top and Bottom 5 of MLP Season 6 Redo now remember this is MY TOP LIST AND THIS IS MY OPTION if you happen too dislike these episodes that's perfectly fine now with out any further delay let's started

Number 10 Twilight and Fluttershy hovering between two hills by XaldinWolfgang Hooffields and mccolts: They didn't I can't believe they did it they actually redeem the Avatar the Last Airbender episode The Great Divide one of the Worst Episode well the only episode I actually hate out of all the episodes. It also actually granted one of my wish list that I wanted too see in Season 5 a Twilight and Fluttershy episode :) and they made it a Map episode at first this was my favorite Map episode until it got out ranked in Season 6 which was written by the same writers who wrote this episode as well. Grade B+

Number 9 Twilight beholds the throne room chandelier S5E3 by XaldinWolfgang Castle Sweet Castle: The first episode my two favorite pair of writers Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco first episode and boy they did very well :) for there first time writing for the show and this is not going to be the last time your going to see one of there episodes on this list ;) so after when Twilights library got destroyed a lot of the fandom was not really big fan of the new castle that Twilight has so the main six offer too rearrange the castle too make it feel like home the song was well song gave me that art of the dress vibe but what made this episode really shine was when the main six took what's left of the library and made it part of the castle and put memory crystals on it. Grade A

Number 8 Ponies go flying from the DJ station S5E9 by XaldinWolfgang Slice of Life: The love letter too all of the fandom :) too say thank you for being awesome and actually giving the background charters more charter was a great idea and so many head cannons but there where some that were not cannon and a few people didn't like what happen too everyone's favorite ship of Lyra and Bon Bon oh sorry agent Sweetie Drops but what makes this episode awesome was the speech Mayor Mare said which felt like Larson the one who wrote this episode was giving a speech too all of us. :) Grade A-

Number 7 Rainbow silently cries with Tank S5E5 by XaldinWolfgang Tanks for the memories: Wow Cindy Marrow you have out done your self :) showing the five stage of grief without showing death. To be honest with you all when I first saw this episode at first I didn't like it cause it gave me the Double Rainboom vibe also I didn't know what the five stage of grief where at the time in my life I have gone threw some of the stages and believe it or not I relate too this episode very perfectly you see I lost a lot of my pets over the time and I can't stop thinking about them :'( if I ever review this episode ill explain more about it. The only problem I have is that Rainbow Dash almost destroyed winter for her our selfishness and gets away Scott free but you can at least sympathize with her. Grade A  

Number 6 Rarity looking determined S5E15 by XaldinWolfgang Rarity Investigates: What can I say but Best Rarity episode :) and best part written by you guessed it Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco I love the way they written Rarity in this episode so far both Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco get these charters and know how to write them correctly and also the black and white senses are very fun and entertaining too see and also the way the Rarity narrates the senses is also a great touch. Though the only problem I have with this episode that am going to have to deducted a few points is the obvious villain Wind Rider but everything else was awesome. Grade A-

Number 5 Crusaders' cutie marks side-by-side shot S5E18 by XaldinWolfgang Crusaders of the Lost Mark: What else is there to say but BEST CMC EPISODE EVER and we finally get to see it the CMC getting there Cutiemarks after 5 long seasons we finally get to see them get there marks this was basically the Magical Mystery Cure for the CMC and holy shit they didn't the redeem Diamond tiara I never thought I would see the day that would happen but leave it Amy Keating Roger too do it :) Grade A+  

Number 4 Apple Bloom and Orchard Blossom   somethin' that's by XaldinWolfgang Brotherhooves Social: This episode was awesome the first Big Mac episode and written by my favorite writer Dave Polsky this episode is about Big Mac trying to grow closer to Apple Bloom cause he felt like that she looks up more too Applejack after all she did save Equestria multiple times. When I first saw this I was hoping that Big Mac will talk more than just saying Yup and Nope and boy Polsky delivered :) not only that but we also see another side of Big Mac where he dressed up as a women to compete for AppleBloom and help her win cause she wanted to compete and win a blue ribbon and Peter New sounded like he was having a lot of fun doing the voice when Big Mac was dressed up. The other reason why I love this episode is because I also relate to Big Mac being an older brother with two little sisters I can relate to Big Mac in this episode. Grade A+

Number 3 Applejack on stage with Coloratura and the CMC S5E by XaldinWolfgang Mane Attraction: This was a really well written episode this also Amy Keating Rodger last episode she ever wrote before she left the show and boy did she leave off on a really good note. This episode focusing on Applejack meeting an old friend she made back at summer camp that became a celebrity but she ended up changing who she was and thanks too 5th best pony Aj too remind her of who she was also the song Mrs. Rodgers wrote was beautiful :') it was Rara singing that she is not perfect and she just a pony and she makes mistakes like everyone else does :) if I ever made a Top 10 favorite songs from MLP this song would be very high on that list all I can say is thank you Amy Keating Rodger. Grade A+

Number 2 Princess Luna exerts her dream magic further S5E13 by XaldinWolfgang Do Princesses Dream of Magic sheep: This was the Best Luna focused episode EVER :) not only that but I can also relate to this episode sometimes it hard for someone too forgive them selves for what they have done in there past. Now let's get the elephant out of the room yes I am aware that Luna almost destroyed Ponyville because of what she did but the reason why is because she wanted to punish her self her past and as I said sometimes it's very hard for people too let go of there past and forgive them self and yes I know that everyone forgave her but however that doesn't mean Luna forgave her self does it excuse her for what she did?.....FUCK NO of course it doesn't excuse her I mean I can sympathize with her yes but almost destroying Ponyville was not ok but unlike everyone else am not going to make her feel worst than she already is but I still love Luna no matter what and I still think this was the Best Luna episode ever and I still think that she is Best Princess. Grade A-

Now before I get to my number 1 let me do a few honorable mentions :)

King Grover presents the Idol of Boreas S5E8 by XaldinWolfgang Lost Treasure of Griffon Stone

Crowd cheering S5E14 by XaldinWolfgang Rarity Boutique

Creepy smiling ponies with equals sign banner S5E1 by XaldinWolfgang Cutiemap Part 1/2

Number 1 Twilight, Spike, and old friends gather around Moo by XaldinWolfgang Amending Fences: You all should have seen this one coming for those who know me well but if you don't know me well then welcome. Anyway this was the best Twilight episode ever and M.A Larson best episode he has ever written he put so much work into this episode and the reason why is it was his last episode and having my favorite writer write for my favorite charter of all time Twilight Sparkle was awesome :) this episode also appears on a lot of people relatable list as well as mine and also this episode shows what Twilight title of being Princess of Friendship really means too her and what I also love about this episode it took everything I love about Twilight and put it into this amazing episode. Twilight made a mistake and I love how dedicated she was to fix a mistake and we get too see my second favorite charter of all time Moon Dancer :) who I consider Second Best Pony who was basically the another version of Twilight showing us what would happen too Twilight if she never left Canterlot and also we see why Moon Dancer acts the way she is now because Moon Dancer had a party cause she was finally going to be more open with her friends and come out of her shell but sadly Twilight never showed up cause Twilight had a mission and Moon Dancer felt abandoned so then she spent most of her life in solitude doing nothing but study and when Twilight threw a party for Moon Dancer Twilight new that this party was not enough too fix her mistake and I love how Twilight admitted that even though that it wasn't entirely her fault she was still willing too try to fix it. :) This episode was no doubt a love letter to Lauren Faust the creator of Friendship is Magic but the entire fandom who started watching the show and what I can say now is thank you Larson for this wonderful perfect episode. Grade A+

I hope you all enjoyed this list and tell me what you think and also tell me what your favorite episodes are in season 5 thank you all for reading. 


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SPB2015 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
Aside from "Castle, Sweet Castle" and maybe "Tanks For The Memories", this is a pretty good list.
Sonic2125 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
My thoughts on these episodes-

The Hooflields and the MCcolts- Personally never cared for this episode

Castle sweet castle- A nice one :)

Slice of life- Criminally overhated (like Starlight) yes it's 22 minutes of fan service but hey that's the point and it has a lot of over the top fun with the concept which works for me :D

7. Rarity investigates- honestly don't quite get the praise, not much more than a basic parody of film noir

Tanks for the memories- Still a bit mixed on Rainbow's actions but damn the feels at the end

Crusaders of the lost mark- LOVE THIS EPISODE! The songs moved the story perfectly and sound amazing and there couldn't be a more perfect way for the cmc to FINALLY get their cutie marks

Brotherhooves social- Cross dressing that's actually funny, nice one Dave. And i love the finale scene where Big Mac opens up to Applebloom :3

The mane attraction- I love this episode for the final scene! The song is so beautiful and emotional and the part where Aj and Rara start tearing up gets me everytime :3

Though is it just me or is the theme of choosing between to be unqiue or resortong to the popular fads becoming a more repetative plotline than characters being regretful of the past!?

Do princesses dream of magic sheep- Honestly mixed on this one :/ All of ponyville turned into one dream was a great deslay of creativity and the fight was equelly creative and F**KING AWESOME.

However i felt the mane 6 dreams won't very creative and the way the dream were turned into nightmares were kind of lame, just silly looking monsters that look too childish and goofy to take seriously, which is disappointing, especially since the show givin us much scarier imagery in the past

And finally Luna's characterisation, I felt was a mess in this episide

Though i will say this, Goldenfox's review on this episode WAS AMAZING!!!!!!

Amending fences- The feels man
DaggerBark Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agreed with you on Do princesses dream of magic sheep.
DaggerBark Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DPDoMS is a really bad episode in my opinion. 
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